Way of the Iron Soul

The Way of the Iron Soul is a monastic martial art tradition which originated in Cyre, and which was all but wiped out in the Mourning.

In contrast to most of Khorvaire’s warrior monks, followers of the Iron Soul tradition harden their bodies for defence, not offence; in battle they make much greater use of weapons, giving them even more of a defensive advantage. Their teachings drive them to continually test themselves against hardship, striving to maintain inner peace despite physical conflict.

The Iron Soul monks stemmed from a religious order in the Church of the Sovereign Host dedicated largely to the worship of Dol Dorn. Monks of high rank use his favoured weapon, the longsword, though this is considered an honour and the right to learn such techniques must be earned. Most Iron Soul warriors use peasant weapons traditional among monks, particularly the quarterstaff and spear.

Not all monks of the tradition are warriors; they are also students of philosophy and lore. In particular, they see patterns in the world and seek to discern their meaning. This is part of understanding the tension between peace and conflict, something they characterise as one of the greatest patterns within the world. A significant faction within the order consider the Draconic Prophecy as the greatest mystery worth studying, and that written in its secret language is the story of the world’s struggle for peace despite the constant conflict – past, present and future.

Way of the Iron Soul

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