The trade city of Stormreach is located at the northernmost point of Xen’drik, and is the only modern city on the continent. Originally a pirate hideout built among the ruins of a giant city, it now serves as the first stop for travelers to the continent. All dragonmarked houses have agents in Stormreach. Some nearby giant tribes trade with Stormreach, but the inhabitants of Xen’drik become more hostile as one travels further inland.

The economy of Stormreach is based primarily upon supporting expeditions to the interior, which are made in the interest of retrieving artifacts, magical items, and other treasures from the giants’ ruined cities, temples, and other outposts.

Stormreach is broken up into a number of districts:

Other features of Stormreach include:

  • Vision circles: Twelve rings of standing stones around the city that project images (possibly of the past, possibly of far-off places) around once a month.

Five Things Every Stormreacher Knows About

  1. The Storm Lords: The Storm Lords are major figures in the city, and their exploits are watched closely.
  2. Tall Tales of Xen’drik: Every Stormreacher can spin tales about the Lost Continent, usually involving harrowing escapes, fantastic creatures, and vanished explorers.
  3. Languages: Stormreach, though small, stands at the crossroads of giant, drow, and Khorvaire civilization. As such, most Stormreachers know at least one additional language and snippets of others.
  4. No Justice: Stormreach is beyond the Code of Galifar, and the Stormreach Guard works for the Storm Lords, not to maintain security.
  5. Gangs and Militias: Ruffians of all sorts walk the streets of Stormreach. Some prey on the wards, others supposedly defend them.


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