A poor district that forms a buffer between Stormreach and the neighbouring jungle

Population: Mostly human with a majority of Karrns.

Character: Paranoid and dangerous.

Businesses: Small market stalls, cottage industries, laborers for other districts.

  • Grindstone: Heart of Stormreach’s Karrnathi community
  • Summerfield: Poor residential ward, largely non-Karrnathi
  • Tents of Rusheme: Peaceful encampment of giant tribes who occasionally trade with Stormreach
Key Locations
  • The Black Freighter: Tavern run from a boat permanently moored in the Koronoo River
  • The Ship’s Cat: Popular inn with a reputation for hospitality and discretion
  • The Temple of Vol: Temple of the Blood of Vol sect, which operates openly in Stormreach and has many Karrnathi adherents
  • The Thrifty Traveler: Small bazaar that sells tools and equipment for explorers


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