A district divided by a stone wall, with secure mansions and expensive services on one side and rowdy bars and dives on the other.

Population: Primarily dwarves in Coasthold and humans and elves in the rest of the district.

Character: Rough and bawdy in Locksmith Square, driven and serious in Coasthold.

Businesses: Banking, diplomacy, messaging, gladiatorial fighting, locksmiths, pawnshops, security.


  • Coasthold: A residential ward dominated by wealthy dwarves and their respectable businesses
  • Locksmith Square: A notorious ward filled with bars, brothels, arenas and other forms of entertainment

Key Locations

  • The Black Wrack: Stormreach’s biggest and most popular tavern, with a wall of job postings and public notices
  • The Citadel of the Twelve: Headquarters of the Twelve, the alliance of wizards and agents in service to the dragonmarked houses
  • Eldred’s Pool: A mysterious fountain left behind by the vanished thri-kreen race
  • House Kunderak Enclave: The centre of Stormreach’s banking and finance operations
  • House Lyrander Shipyard: Recently-built shipyard producing vessels for local and trans-oceanic voyages
  • The Red Ring: A gladiatorial arena that also provides gambling facilities
  • Shadows: Stormreach’s most upscale, discreet and profitable brothel
  • The Titanswalk: An ancient arch that serves as the gate between Coasthold and Locksmith Square
  • The Tower of Kol Korran: A mysterious tower locked away and guarded by House Kundarak security


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