The Draconic Prophecy is a record of things to come that has been playing out since creation. The dragons of Argonnessen observe and record everything from the position of the moons and stars to the position of the Ring of Siberys to physical manifestations of dragonmarks in the world, all of which they study looking for portents and omens of things to come.

The Prophecy encompasses many volumes and is said to be as complex and unfathomable as the dragons themselves. A few scholars study snippets of the massive work, but only the dragons (with their incredibly long lifespans) have the ability and patience to see the prophecy for what it truly is.

Recently dragonmarks have formed on the so-called lesser races. Although the dragons are divided as the what this might mean, they are no less interested in studying the new bearers of the Prophecy.

The Prophecy’s true nature is unknown. Some argue it is a revelation of the end of the world, others of a new beginning. Whatever the means, it is obvious that the Prophecy points towards the transformation of the world as we know it.

One element of the Prophecy concerns the rise of the Impure Prince, an element that seems to focus on Stormreach, the death of Alarich ir’Cerfas and the Order of the Emerald Claw.


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