Minor Xen'drik Settlements

Stormreach is the only city on Xen’drik, but a handful of villages, mining settlements and retreats can be found elsewhere on the continent.

Last Chance

This small farming community just south of Stormreach is built around a large inn run by House Jorasco and House Ghallanda. It provides a last night of comfort and last chance for healing for expeditions heading into the wilds.


Deep in the jungles to the south-east is the small House Tharashk outpost of Zantashk. This farming community is near a large dragonshard field, and provides shelter and supplies for House prospectors

Dar Qat

Far to the south-west of Stormreach, beyond the great desert of Menechtarun, is the Reidran outpost-town of Dar Qat. The government of far-off Sarlona operates this colony, and their subjects mine crystals and gather exotic materials to send back home. Dar Qat is not hostile to Stormreach, but the Reidrans are insular and do not welcome foreigners.

Tal Esk

This small Reidran mining village gathers crystal and dragonshards and then sends them to Dar Qat for refining.

Minor Xen'drik Settlements

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