Forgelight is the city’s most heavily rebuilt and reordered district. It is dominated by heavy industry and the offices of mercenary companies.

Population: Predominantly human, along with most of the city’s warforged.

Character: No-nonsense and businesslike.

Businesses: Mercenaries and smiths.

Key Locations

  • The Anvilfire Inn: The choice watering hole for Forgelight’s labourers
  • House Deneith Enclave: A fortified keep serving the mercenary House and their clients
  • Dragon Tooth Arms: The preeminent weapons shop in the district, with a near-monopoly on magical weapons in Stormreach
  • Fare Trades: A general store and pawnshop
  • The Foundry: Stormreach’s centre of metalworking and smithing
  • Hammersmith’s Inn: An inn favoured by mercenaries, ex-soldiers and adventurers
  • The Rusty Nail: A tavern that caters to the warforged
  • Stormreach Forge: The outlet for the items created in the Foundry
  • Temple of the Sovereign Host: The city’s oldest temple, dedicated to an unusual perspective on the gods of the Host


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