Lying far to the the south of Khorvaire, Xen’drik is a jungle continent of vast size and varying climate. Xen’drik’s coastline has been mapped, but its interior remains largely unexplored, and the continent has a reputation as a land of secrets, danger, and mystery. Xen’drik and Khorvaire are separated by Shargon’s Teeth and the Thunder Sea.

Sahuagin tribes guard the seas between Khorvaire and Xen’drik. Some tribes attack any who attempt to reach Xen’drik; others work as guides, often trading, assisting, and negotiating deals with explorers and merchants.

Xen’drik was once home to a civilization of giants, but this civilization fell into ruin some forty thousand years ago. Primitive remnants of the giant civilization still exist within the land’s jungles and mountains. Tribes of drow, those remaining from the enslaved elves of yore, also live among the ruins of the giant civilization, possessing the most advanced society on Xen’drik.

The trade city of Stormreach is located at the northernmost point of Xen’drik, and is the only modern city on the continent.

The Traveller’s Curse

Ravaged by ancient magic that damaged reality, Xen’drik is a continent of contradictory and impossible geography. Deserts lie next to glaciers that turn into jungles and then volcanoes, with little rhyme or reason.

Making things even more confusing, and cartography nearly impossible, is the supernatural effect locals call the Traveller’s Curse. The Curse twists time, space and distance, so that two journeys never take the same time or go through the same locations. A trip that takes four days and passes through jungle may take two weeks and a dozen climates on the way back. Maps are rarely useful, native guides only slightly better, and every expedition has the chance of stumbling over an untouched ruin – or vanishing, never to be found again.

Notable Features of Xen’drik


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