The Temple District

The centre of both worship and entertainment in Stormreach.

Population: A mix of many races, with more humans and elves than any other.

Character: A confusion and profusion of sound, color, theater, and religion.

Businesses: Entertainment, accommodation, religious services.

Key Locations
  • Bogwater Tavern: A much better tavern than the name implies
  • The Golden Wing Inn: Not the cheapest inn in the city, but one of the safest
  • House Phiarlan Enclave: A stone fortress housing the guild of entertainers.
  • Keep of the Silver Flame: This temple serves the faithful but is falling upon hard times
  • The Livewood Theatre: The largest and most popular theatre in Stormreach
  • Object Desire: A store selling magical equipment and services, specialising in illusions
  • The Onyx Fountain: A collection of studios and rehearsal spaces
  • The Pink Conch: A comfortable and reasonably discreet brothel
  • Temple Row: A jumble of stalls selling religious items and knickknacks
  • Vestrii‚Äôs Arms: This store sells unusual and concealable weapons

The Temple District

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