The Marketplace

The natural centre of Stormreach, and the nexus of the city’s legitimate and illegal trade.

Population: Mostly humans and dwarves.

Character: Lively, industrious, and thriving.

Businesses: Buying and selling almost anything.

Key Locations

  • The Bazaar: A gigantic red tent covers a mess of smaller tents, stalls and walkways where nearly anything can be bought and sold
  • Black Iron: A smithy run by a family of goliaths, who craft excellent goods and trade with the giants of the Tents of Rusheme.
  • The Chapterhouse: A tavern and performance space jointly operated by Houses Ghallandra and Phairlan
  • Falconer’s Spire: The House Lyrander enclave and a docking spire for airships
  • Lorsmarch Palace: The centre of government in Stormreach and seat of the Storm Lords
  • Molou’s Distillery: Producer of most of the kuryeva (local gin) drunk in the city
  • The Old Catacombs: An ancient giant tower, now sealed by the Silver Flame to hold the undead that infest its tombs
  • The Phoenix Tavern: A tavern favoured by criminals, dissidents and minstrels
  • The Steam Tunnels: Tunnels run under much of the Marketplace, and entrances and outlets can be found around the district
  • Stormreach Recruiters: Home of the Stormreach Guard, who are always hiring
  • Von Ruthvek’s Splendours of the South: Stormreach’s best-known dealer in antiquties, and occasionally in magic items. Owned and run by Valexa Von Ruthvek

The Marketplace

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