The Liondrake's Roar

The Liondrake’s Roar is a relatively recent branch of House Tharashk. It was established in Khorvaire to broker the services of monstrous mercenaries from Droaam.

The group includes both soldiers and labourers, and it is through this service that some monstrous creatures have become more common in the wider world, such as orc mercenaries in human armies or ogre dockworkers in Sharn.

In Stormreach, the Liondrake’s Roar is a small organisation, but House Tharashk’s leaders want it to grow in power and wealth. The Roar looks to recruit giants, drow and other monstrous beings from Xen’drik, while also importing gnolls, hobgoblins and other forces from Khorvaire to round out its numbers.

Due to pressure from House leaders, Tharashk Viceroy Kurn d’Velderan appointed Taryn’aashta to oversee all Liondrake’s Roar operations in Stormreach. Taryn used the Roar as his own personal power base, and sought to increase their influence through an arrangement with the Storm Hammers that might have let the Roar replace the Iron Guard as Stormreach’s elite police force. When a group of adventurers started to uncover the plot, Taryn set Liondrake’s Roar forces against them, but to little avail.

The Liondrake's Roar

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