The Iron Watch

The Stormreach Guard is the public face of the law in the city, but the guards are no match for bloodthirsty adventurers or raging giants. When such threats appear, the call goes out for the Iron Watch – the elite warforged military of Stormreach.

The Iron Watch is an army, but the leaders of the Watch have loftier goals than simply maintaining order. When they aren’t cracking heads, the members of the Iron Watch work together to find their place in the world. These warforged are a newborn race bent on establishing an outpost in a land that might hold the keys to their past and their future.

The approximately 170-member Iron Watch is based in Forgelight. Stone Guards (troopers) serve in six-person squads commanded by a member of the Iron Guard (sergeants). Squads are paired into platoons under the command of a Steel Guard captain.

The Iron Watch is commanded by a group of three commanders, or Adamants:
Iron watch adamants

  • Steeljack: the charismatic leader of the Iron Watch. He is a deadly fighter with a gift for inspiring warforged and questioning the world around him.
  • Smith: designed to provide battlefield support, he has become one of the most gifted warforged artificers in Eberron.
  • Lathe: a mysterious master of martial arts, who has learned to manipulate the warforged body in strange ways.

The Iron Watch

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