The Harbour District

The gateway to Stormreach, first port of call for ships coming from Khorvaire.

Population: Humans and half-elves, who are outnumbered by visitors of other races.

Character: Bustling and dangerous.

Businesses: Shipping, crime, taverns, and fishing.

Key Locations
  • Crypt of the Guard: A decaying, poorly maintained tomb that holds the dead of the Stormreach Guard
  • Dagoward’s Apothecary: The sole purveyor of potions, reagents and herbs in the district
  • The Emperor: A great statue from the Age of Giants that looks out over the Harbour
  • Hammer and Chain: An upscale seller of weapons and armour
  • The Harbourmaster’s House: The home of Harbourmaster Zin, and a centre of services for ship’s captains
  • The Leaky Dinghy: A rotting, rat-infested tavern popular with sailors, fishers and thrillseekers
  • The Lighthouse: A lighthouse powered by ancient giant magic that stands on a small island
  • Riedran Consulate: Home to the Reidran consul and his staff from the far-off continent of Sarlona
  • Shargon’s Talon: A tower jutting from the waves, home to the Temple of the Devourer
  • Thaendyr’s Rest: A consulate and inn serving the elves of Aerenal
  • The Underharbour: A variety of ruins and tunnels underneath the waters of the Harbour
  • The Waterworks: The main outlet for the city’s sewers and water pipes
  • The Wavecrest Tavern: A respected inn and tavern, with good food and drink and weekly arm-wrestling contests
  • The Wayward Lobster: A carousing place for those who fancy themselves scoundrels.

The Harbour District

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