The Black Wrack

In a city known for drinking and colorful characters, no establishment has more of the two than the Black Wrack. Proudly declaring itself Stormreach’s biggest tavern, the Wrack is located in Locksmith Square, nestled against the north side of the Red Ring. It is owned and operated by a no-nonsense but good-natured fellow named Handlon the Brick (just Brick to his regular customers).

The Black Wrack is one of the city’s most popular watering holes. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them (aside from the wide selection of affordable drinks) is Handlon’s one rule: All are welcome to his hospitality, regardless of race or cultural heritage. If a squabble erupts, it gets taken outside immediately, or Handlon puts an end to it, often abruptly and painfully. Everyone’s gold is good at the Black Wrack.

Today the tavern’s popularity is at an all-time high, thanks in part to its widely used wall of notices. What began as a way for Handlon to add some color to his otherwise boring decor has grown into an invaluable resource for adventurers and explorers.

Unfortunately, when Sinruth and the Liondrake’s Roar attacked the adventurers at the Black Wrack, they set off an alchemical bomb that burned the entire tavern to the ground. It’s too early to tell whether Handlon will rebuild his tavern, or whether Stormreach has lost its favourite watering hole.

The Black Wrack

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