Storm Hammers

The Storm Hammers are a gang of terrorists, sociopaths and violent criminals that plague the Cross district and especially the Dannel’s Pride neighbourhood. They are led by a woman named Miraan, about whom little is known. They are infamous for their dark supernatural powers, utter disregard for law or morality, inclination toward casual cruelty and lack of concern for their personal safety.

The Storm Hammers claim to be survivors of the Mourning, the event that destroyed the nation of Cyre. The events they witnessed on the Day of Mourning were horrifying and gruesome, though the Hammers relate these tales with the same equanimity another person might use to discuss the weather. Following the Mourning, these common men and women found themselves with new talents — dark magic and combat abilities born of simmering rage. Even though they are a relatively small gang, these abilities make the Storm Hammers a threat to much larger groups, and their full capabilities remain to be seen.

It might be logical to expect the Storm Hammers to sympathize with Dannel’s Wrath, but the Hammers are anything but logical. They have no interest in a new Cyre or a unified Galifar. Those who lacked the strength to survive the Mourning deserve nothing more than death. The Storm Hammers view themselves as the first children of a new generation. They saw the end of the world and survived, and now they see themselves as beyond any mortal law.

The Storm Hammers are completely unpredictable. They are capable of acts of astonishing violence
and cruelty. Sometimes they seem to be motivated by greed, whereas at other times simple boredom drives them. The Storm Hammers have been touched by the Mourning, and some whisper that a darker force guides them.

Recently, Miraan entered into an agreement with elements of the Liondrake’s Roar to purchase fell taint creatures from the Mournland. She also agreed to work with the mercenary group to assist them in supplanting the Iron Watch as Stormreach’s elite (and well-paid) defenders. However, it appears that she is not upholding her side of the bargain.

Storm Hammers

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