A quiet, wealthy district largely devoted to Stormreach’s funerary rites.

Population: Humans mixed with halflings and some other races.

Character: Unhurried and beautiful.

Businesses: Healing, funerary services, various shops.

  • Stormhaven: The wealthiest residental ward in Stormreach
Key Locations
  • Coldwake Pond: A deep body of water much colder than it should be
  • Delera’s Watch: The main necropolis and cemetary serving Stormreach
  • The Drowning Sorrows Tavern: A tavern near the Garden of Respite, popular with mourners
  • Empty Handed: A store selling tools, artwork and general goods
  • Feather’s Fall Apothecary: A store with a limited variety of potions and alchemical items
  • The Garden of Respite: A great multi-tiered public garden owned and maintained by the Healer’s Guild
  • House Jorasco Enclave: Home to the Healer’s Guild and its hospices
  • House of Wizardry: A magic shop where magewrights and minor wizards sell their goods and services
  • The Open Palm: An inn with terrible ale but great food and comfortable beds


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