A major residential district of Stormreach, with access to five other districts of the city.

Population: Mostly immigrants from Breland and Cyre, as well as most of the city’s orcs and half-orcs.

Character: Crowded with an air of faded glory.

Businesses: Street stalls, cottage industries, and the House Tharashk refinery.


  • Dannel’s Pride: A little bit of Cyre in Stormreach; once a small community, now overflowing with refugees
  • Graystone: The main corridor between the Marketplace and Harbour districts, dominated by the House Tharashk refinery
  • Saltire: A residential ward for those unallied with a nation or dragonmarked house
  • The Sloths: The heart of Stormreach’s Brelish community

Key Locations

  • Beehive Pastries: This food stall’s honey pastries are popular throughout the city
  • Brelish Consulate: The home of Brelish diplomacy in Stormreach has seen better days
  • Havulak Prospecting: A shop catering to explorers and prospectors
  • House Tharashk Refinery: A smoky, loud and dangerous complex where dragonshards are processed and House Thurashk keeps its enclave
  • The Rubble Warren: A maze of ruins and tunnels where ancient stone is recovered for use in new building projects. A tunnel here led to the White Oubliette before it caved in.


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