Major NPCs

A number of Stormreach’s inhabitants have become involved with the fates of these adventurers.


Valexa von Ruthvek: Antiquities dealer and expert in ancient civilisations

Caradoc: Street urchin with an in-depth knowledge of the Rubble Warren

Handlon the Brick: Owner of the Black Wrack

Captain Ivello d’Lyrandar: Captain and pilot of The Kraken’s Keepsake


Master Aedan: Slaine’s master and monk of the Way of the Iron Soul

Durgran’Torrn: Director of the House Tharashk Refinery

Kurn d’Valderan: Viceroy of House Thurashk in Stormreach

Janda-Shen: Genasi refguee from Kythri, the Elemental Chaos

Jaris Cantar: Shipping magnate and leader of the Stormreach Aurum lodge

Marik’aashta: Tracker and investigator from House Tharashk


Taryn’aashta: Scion of House Tharashk and commander of the Liondrake’s Roar in Stormreach

Sergeant Sinruth: Hobgoblin mercenary from the Liondrake’s Roar

Miraan: Leader of the Storm Hammers

Major NPCs

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