Tag: District


  • The Harbour District

    The gateway to Stormreach, first port of call for ships coming from Khorvaire.

    Population: Humans and half-elves, who are outnumbered by visitors of other races.

    Character: Bustling and dangerous.

  • Cross

    A major residential district of Stormreach, with access to five other districts of the city.

    Population: Mostly immigrants from Breland and Cyre, as well as most of the citys orcs and half-orcs.


  • Forgelight

    Forgelight is the citys most heavily rebuilt and reordered district. It is dominated by heavy industry and the offices of mercenary companies.

    Population: Predominantly human, along with most of the citys warforged.


  • The Marketplace

    The natural centre of Stormreach, and the nexus of the citys legitimate and illegal trade.

    Population: Mostly humans and dwarves.

    Character: Lively, industrious, and thriving.

  • Oldgate

    A residential district well maintained by its respectable and (generally) quiet inhabitants.

    Population: A mix of races, mostly of Aundairian and Thrane descent.

    Character: Orderly but sly.

  • Respite

    A quiet, wealthy district largely devoted to Stormreachs funerary rites.

    Population: Humans mixed with halflings and some other races.

    Character: Unhurried and beautiful.

  • Silverwall

    A district divided by a stone wall, with secure mansions and expensive services on one side and rowdy bars and dives on the other.

    Population: Primarily dwarves in Coasthold and humans and elves in the rest of the district.


  • Southwatch

    A poor district that forms a buffer between Stormreach and the neighbouring jungle

    Population: Mostly human with a majority of Karrns.

    Character: Paranoid and dangerous.


  • The Temple District

    The centre of both worship and entertainment in Stormreach.

    Population: A mix of many races, with more humans and elves than any other.

    Character: A confusion and profusion of sound, color, theater,