An intelligent warforged component, or 'docent', created by the ancient giants


An orb about the size of a fist, made from brass and precious metals and studded with dragonshards. It can fit into the chest of a warforged as if it was designed to do so.


Shinra is a docent, an intelligent artefact created by the giant artificers of ancient times. It is designed to be implanted in the body of a humanoid construct, but its presence seems to incompatible with the designs of modern warforged.

Ballast found Shinra in a long-lost giant ruin in the jungles of Xen’drik when he was transported there in a planar portal mishap. He brought it back to Stormreach, where it seeks a vessel that can tolerate its presence. Spark seems to be the only warforged capable of being its vessel, and in fact may have been specially designed as a prototype for this purpose.

Shinra understands multiple languages and communicates telepathically.


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