A new life whether you like it or not

You have your reasons. You can’t go back to Khorvaire now. Not ever.

If you have a future, it is to be found in Xen’drik. If you have a destiny, it is to be forged in Stormreach.

Assuming you survive.

Exile Empire is a 4E D&D campaign set in Stormreach, the colony city on the dark continent of Xen’drik. All of the PCs have reasons to leave Khorvaire and the civilised lands of Eberron and never return – political exile, running from assassins, escaping jail or maybe just shamed and disgraced. Now the only place to start over again is Stormreach, the edge of civilization.

With the exception of a few plotlines and events handed down by the GM, Exile Empire is largely a player-driven campaign. The player characters need to take charge of their own lives and destinies in Stormreach, and players will make the decisions about their characters’ plans and the directions the game takes. While most D&D campaigns are like a novel, Exile Empire is more like a shared-world anthology, with short stories focusing on different characters that also contribute to longer story arcs.

The wiki, adventure logs and other tools here are meant to assist in that process. If something looks interesting, do something about it.

Exile Empire

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