Power Groups

There are a number of factions and groups within Stormreach, both powerful and minor.

Political/Mercantile Organisations

Two organisations dominate Stormreach’s political, legal and business landscape.

A number of other, smaller groups are allied or attached to the Dragonmarked Houses.

Gangs and Criminal Organisations

A variety of gangs roam the streets of Stormreach. Some keep to themselves and even have a measure of popular support, while others are thieves, criminals, killers and worse.

  • The Bilge Rats: A vicious gang that dominates the Harbour district. Their name comes from their fondness for trained dire rats, and for having said rats chew off the faces of anyone who crosses the gang.
  • The Fleas: A gang of homeless children who support themselves via petty theft, who move in and out of Cross, the Marketplace and the Harbour district.
  • The Golden Lions: Wealthy thugs, rakehells and troublemakers who indulge in extortion and smuggling for kicks; usually found in Forgelight and Locksmith Square.
  • The Storm Hammers: A chaotic, violent and feared gang from Dannel’s Pride; survivors of the Mourning, possibly warped and driven mad by that terrible event.
  • The Quickfoot Gang: An organization supposedly coordinating the activities of many criminal
    organizations in the city.
  • The Shrouds: A gang whose members walk the streets wrapped in crimson shrouds, acting as assassins and hired muscle. Rumors say that their numbers include ghouls and zombies.
  • The Titans: A gang of goliath brawlers, who frequently pick fights with the smaller races around Southwatch and Cross.
  • The Night Tide: The black market of Stormreach, a source of many goods restricted under the
    Code of Galifar.

Militia and Peacekeepers

Stormreach is not exactly lawless, but is more rough-and-tumble than the cities of Khorvaire. Local militias step up to defend their communities when official law enforcement falls short.

  • The Stormreach Guard: Underpaid, overworked, corrupt, often incompetent, rarely dedicated, and always hiring.
  • The Iron Watch: An elite company of warforged soldiers deployed to deal with serious threats to Stormreach
  • The Swords of Karrn: The Swords of Karrn have recently appeared in the Grindstone ward of Southwatch. The exiled Karrnathi warlord Drago Thul leads this band of hardened veterans.
  • The Knights of Thrane: This group operates in the Embers ward of Oldgate. Karrns and worshipers of the Blood of Vol, the Dark Six, or other exotic religious movements are advised to avoid Embers.
  • The Ninth Wands: Based in the Whitewash district of Oldgate and largely drawn from Aundairian veterans, these soldiers are known for their use of war magic
  • Dannel’s Wrath: This Cyran militia is based in Dannel’s Pride in the Cross district. People say that the Wrath is using violence as a tool to force the Storm Lords to provide more recognition to Cyran refugees.

Religious Groups

All the major religious groups and sects of Eberron have a presence in Stormreach, including some that are suppressed or hidden in Khorvaire.

  • The Sovereign Host: A large temple in Forgelight is home to the Church of the Wyrm Ascendant, an offshoot (and mercenary) sect that claims the gods of the Host are divine dragons.
    • Way of the Iron Soul – an order of monks who practice a martial discipline inspired by Dol Dorn, one of the gods of the Sovereign Host.
  • The Blood of Vol: This cult is more powerful and respected here than in Khorvaire, and is particularly popular with the Karrns of Grindstone.
  • The Church of the Silver Flame: The Church has little power in Stormreach, and the Keep of the Flame in the Temple District receives no support from Thrane or the Church heirarchy.
  • The Cult of the Devourer: A temple to the Devourer sits on a small island in the Harbour, where worshippers from Stormreach pray alongside the sahuagin.
  • The Faiths of Rusheme: The giants of Rusheme and their allies worship both primal spirits of the land and a set of gods that may be versions of the Sovereign Host.

Other Groups

A number of independent groups and factions operate in the city, working towards their own goals and against those of their enemies.

  • The Aurum: An international society of wealthy history enthusiasts. They have a lodge in Silverwall, which is funded and operated by shipping magnate Jaris Cantar.
  • The Blackwheel Company: A mercenary company under contract to the Twelve, who provide security and muscle for the Houses’ arcane researchers. They operate from a massive airship parked over the city.
  • The Bloodbound of the Red Ring: The glory won by the slave-gladiators of the Red Ring is translated into social/political power by their masters on the Blood Council.
  • The Crimson Codex: A scholarly group financing and accompanying expeditions in order to uncover the history of Xen’drik and all of Eberron
  • The Wayfinder Foundation: The internationally-renowned explorer’s society sends many members to Stormreach in search of treasure, knowledge and adventure.

Power Groups

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